The Best Dress Shoes Every Man Should Own

When men attend formal or semi-formal occasions, their choice of dress is often not as rich as that of women, so the use of accessories is particularly important. The shoes in the accessories are the most important items that can reflect a man’s taste in dressing. Men are professional and social, and formal shoes are essential for attending meetings and ceremonies. Wearing dress shoes reflects a man’s behavior, manners and even social status. A pair of appropriate and elegant dress shoes can make the finishing point.

1.Oxford shoes
Oxford shoes are the most basic, a lot of people’s life the first pair of dress shoes are from it. Oxford shoes from the 17th century Britain began to popular style of men’s shoes at the university of Oxford, was originally popular in Scotland and Ireland shoe in the country, of the university of Oxford boys from the boot is simplified to first half boots, eventually becomes today we see the ankle of the classic style, in the complicated manual show low-key elegant humanistic feelings, outline and elegant gentleman demeanor.

2. Derby

Like Oxfords, Derby shoes are another common type of dress shoe. Slightly less intricate in design, however, Derbys feature an open lacing system, unlike oxford shoes that have the bottom of the lacing section sewn closed. The comfortable style is suitable for most formal occasions and can easily be paired with a suit. While traditional leather varieties of Derby shoes are perfect for a classic, polished look, other types, in materials such as suede, are ideal for a slightly more casual look.


Brogues can be a deceptive shoe type. The name actually comes from the process of broguing, which involves adorning shoes with heavy perforations (large pinpricks). As such, shoes which are technically another style, such as Oxford or Derby, are often classed as Brogues because of this decorative addition. Confusing or not, the unique look creates a shoe with personality and style. Best of all, they can be worn with anything from jeans to a suit.

4.Monk Strap

The monk strap shoe is a stylish and unique dress shoe. Featuring a strap across the top and a buckle (or two), the sleek design can be worn with a number of formal looks for everything from a business meeting to a night out. The popular and fashionable shoe is also a great choice for gents seeking a polished style with more interest than the standard Oxford or Derby. Just be sure to choose a leather style with a bit of shine to keep the look refined and suitably sharp.


Loafers are not formal shoes; they become formal shoes when people wear them. The original word Loafer was “Loafer,” the term Loaf referring to a Loaf of idle life, and Loafer represented a group of people who had this Loaf of life. Loafers, mostly flat or loafers without LACES, are typically easy to wear and take off, and are a classic style in men’s shoes.

6. Tuxedo Shoe

For very formal occasions that require a dress (such as a wedding or dinner party), be sure to wear matching dress shoes. The dress shoes are usually made of patent leather with lace-up and slipon-on styles.