Shaving Tips Every Man Should Know

A perfect shave can do wonders for your style. Be it going all clean or giving definitions to your goatee or sporting a uniform beard, knowing the right way to shave is very important. Here are some tips that you will find useful:

1.Don’t do it when it’s dry

A lot of men frankly skip this step and go straight dragging the razor through their face.
This causes a lot of friction since there is no layer of protection on the face that leads to irritation, razor burns, and cuts.
Dry skin doesn’t allow smooth movement of razor over skin, thus increasing the chances of getting a razor cut. It is better to shave after shower, so your skin gets plenty of time to get hydrated.

2.Invest in a Good Shaving Cream

Not only does the shaving cream lubricate the face, but it also moisturizes facial hair so that when you shave there is a layer of lubrication that shields skin from the blade.
If you have sensitive skin, opt for a shaving cream labeled “for sensitive skin.”
There different types of shaving creams. The most common ones found in a lot of stores are aerosol type products that contain chemicals – it will dry out the skin. Avoid these.
Even if you want to save money at least get a product that’s in a tube like Cremo Cream or the Proraso.

3.Lather coz it matters

Men being men, often try to take the lazy way out and simply use a soap to lather before the shave. However, it is not perfect for men’s tough skin. Lubricating your skin should be done according to your skin type- for drier skin use a gel which is a better lubricant, otherwise you can also use a shaving cream. This helps keep your skin soft for the entirety of your shave.

4.Replace razors regularly

Begin by tackling the less tough areas of beard around the cheeks and jowls and leave the toughest bits until last. That way they’ll have had more time to soften and will be much easier to slice with the razor. Also crucial is the direction in which you shave. It’s tempting to shave against the direction of hair growth in the hope that this will achieve smoother results, but in reality you just risk pulling the hairs back on themselves. All this will do is cause unnecessary irritation. So, if you don’t fancy a nasty shaving rash, always go with the grain and not against it.
It is important to keep your razor free of any kind of gunk or traces of hair. These may get stuck in your hair and pull your hair or even result in cuts.

5. A Shaving Brush is Your Beard’s Best Friend

A shaving brush would probably be one of the best purchases you’ll ever make in terms of shaving. This is an essential tool in your arsenal if you want to enjoy the benefits of a smooth and close shave.
When choosing your shaving brush, you will find that there are various types of bristle to choose from, as well as a plethora of shapes and styles. Traditionally, shaving brush bristles were made from responsibly sourced animal hair. Often the hairs used would be by-products from animals such as horses, boars, and badgers.
Typically, bristles derived from horse hair are most commonly used. These hairs are sourced from the tail, causing no harm and as little distress to the animal as possible.

6.Shave the Neck Area Last

Compared to the sides of your face, the skin in your neck area is more sensitive. Shaving your cheek and chin area is much different than shaving your neck. Leave the cream on your neck while you shave other parts of your face, allowing the cream time to soften up the hair, so that it is easier to shave it later.