Aera Smart Home Fragrance

Aera Smart Home Fragrance sets out to reinvent the way you scent your home. They’ve created a safe and simple way to create exquisite scent you can control as easily as a stereo! Leveraging their successful commercial technology, they created the Aera Fragrance Player, the cleanest and most effective scent delivery system available. They then worked with world renowned perfumers to create their collection of unique, livable fragrances. All in hopes of making the joy of fragrance a more fun and regular part of daily life.

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Are fragrances safe for use around children?

When used as directed, the ambient scent or aroma effect from the Aera diffuser is safe for continuous inhalation.  The Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, USA just reported the results of a 3-year human trial to answer the question, “Does exposure to continuous indoor fragrance result in an acute impact on health?”  The answer is NO. The trial was done with a Prolitec commercial device using the same technology as Aera.  (For more information see Sections 8 and 16 of the Safety Data Sheet for the fragrance or essential oil.)   

Directions for proper use:

Aera creates a hypoallergenic ambient scent effect using only trace quantities of fragrance oil in the air. However, concentrations are much higher within 12 inches of the fragrance oil output hole on the capsule during operation.

Keep noses of all kinds at least 12 inches away from the diffuser when in operation.

Always keep out of reach of pets and children.

Use only as directed.