A Modern Man’s Guide To Smart Casual

In the vast space between formal attire and couch potato wear of mens fashion, the smart casual dress code carves its niche. But what exactly is men’s smart casual, sometimes known as neat casual? Not to be confused with business casual (though the two are similar), men’s smart casual involves combining choice apparel from just below the high end sphere of mens fashion with the kind of comfortable, but still stylish garb that you might wear to a company picnic. Smart casual attire retains a clean, semi-professional veneer while encouraging the individual to express themselves accordingly. Although natural and casual, everyone’s temperament is different.

Suit jacket

Blazers are a popular choice for smart casual as they can be paired with different pieces and work well for a layered look. The one thing that you must consider is the material for the blazers you intend to wear with this attire. For smart casual, ensure that your blazers are not too formal and are lightweight and have relaxed elements. This will ensure that your look is seamless, and the pieces can work cooperatively for an overall casual essence. You do not want the look to read outdated or mismatched. The trick to perfecting smart casual is making the pieces look like they were made for each other. Also, don’t just assume that you will need a blazer for a stylish smart casual look. Think about other alternatives to keep your looks refined yet still textured. Cable knit cardigans are a novel alternative that will add a preppy touch.


When it comes to casual outerwear, a comfy shirt is a must. You can wear it outside in warm weather and collocation it in cold weather.Not only will it keep you warm, but it will also make your outfit look layered.Shirts are the obvious choice, but there are a few things you need to remember. Firstly, opt for classic colors and traditional patterns. Smart casual looks should observe tradition, so opt for timeless prints and tones for a grown-up take on casual wear.


While a blazer is ideal for creating a smart casual look, there are other jackets that you can wear for this dress code. A sophisticated leather jacket or sleek bomber is a stylish alternative to traditional tailored designs. To ensure your look reads as smart instead of sloppy, just make sure you partner your jacket with elevated items, such as a collared shirt, tailored pants, and dress shoes.

Casual pants

Casual pants, in contrast to formal pants, are pants that look more casual and casual to wear. Casual pants in a broad sense include all pants worn in informal business, government, and official occasions. In real life, it mainly refers to trousers that use trousers as a template, and are more casual and comfortable than trousers in terms of fabric and style, and trousers with more colorful colors. Its fabric is comfortable and its style is simple and versatile. Although men’s pants are not as changeable as women’s pants, they still have their own changes. 

Drawstring Trousers

Without wishing to be overdramatic, smart drawstring trousers are the best thing to happen to menswear in a decade. Until recently, drawstrings and elasticated waistbands were confined to sportswear and generally considered to be a sign that you didn’t care. That’s stupid, of course. What a revelation it’s been to sit down for a large plate of pasta and not feel like your trousers might slice you in half by the meal’s end.These days, drawstring trousers come tailored and in a lot more materials than jersey. Wool and linen offer the best options at the smarter end of the spectrum. Once you’ve felt how comfortable your dressed-up wardrobe can be, you’ll never go back.


An advantage of smart casual style is that there is greater freedom with what shoes you can get away with. Keep in mind that it is all about balance; you want to put forward a respectful, polished casual look. Boots, loafers or Oxfords work well , lending a more mature edge to your clothing. In terms of material for your smart casual shoe choices, opt for suede for a well-textured, quasi-formal touch. A great pair of sneakers can also be a perfect accompaniment but keep in mind that you should opt for clean, minimalist styles.