3 Men’s Fashion Must Have For This Season

Even if 2020 has been an unusual year, the world keeps spinning and the seasons continue to change just like they always have. This means that, similar to previous years, we want to take a look at some of the hottest men’s fashion trends when the leaves start turning brown and the weather is still sunny but beginning to get a little cold. After all, no matter what happens, buying beautiful clothes you want to wear forever will always make you feel better about the world. Here’s what is getting people talking right now when it comes to 3 men’s fashion Mmust have for this season.

1. Sweater Vests

In early autumn, the temperature may not be so cold, we often fall into the dilemma of wearing one piece of cold, but wearing two pieces of hot. The emergence of sweaters and vests solved our problems.

With its storied heritage and iconic look, Fair Isle is a prep staple and a Polo Ralph Lauren favorite. This sweater vest reinterprets the timeless motif with 13 luxurious yarns. The cut is loose but still has a modern silhouette. The warm color palette make you look more reliable. It is suitable for both casual and business wear. It is a versatile piece. Buy now at: $159.60.

For some people who like simple styles and simple colors, the style just recommended does not seem attractive enough. This sweater vest made of cotton and nylon,and it may finish your business-casual look with the timeless appeal of this V-neck sweater vest from Club Room.  Buy now at: $34.65.

In contrast, this sweater vest is more fashionable. The lake-green background and the burgundy diamond pattern make this style full of youthful vitality. The V-neck design can better modify the shape of a person’s face. If you want a youthful vest, it is your best choice. Buy now at: $22.

2.Trench Coats

Sweater vest not your thing? That’s fine, as you’ve still got the trench coat to try. Windbreaker is not only suitable for various occasions, but also suitable for your various styles.

This signature relaxed-fit trench coat updated in tumbled tropical gabardine for a soft, fluid silhouette. Designed for layering, the archive-inspired style is finished with a contrasting Vintage check lining and undercollar. Buy now at: $2190.

The double-breasted design adds a sense of fashion, while the design of the cuffs and waistband enhances the quality of the trench coat. This model has two colors: classic black and versatile khaki. No matter which, it is a good choice for you. Buy now at: $159.

The trench coats just recommended is too thin? Want a warmer trench coat? Well, no problem, look at this one. The material of cashmere and wool makes this trench coat more thicker and warmer. Slim tailoring can perfectly modify your perfect figure. Common trench coats’ colors are black and khaki, but this one is rich in colors and there are four colors for you to choose. Buy now at: $119.99.

3.Suede Bluchers

Suede bluchers are a great shoe for everyday wear, especially if you work in a business casual environment. This somewhat casual lace-up style suits a smart-casual and business casual wardrobe, and suede bluchers can be worn all year round. But the texture of suede really compliments cold-weather fabrics like wool, cashmere and corduroy.

Our take on the classic Americana blucher, the Statesman was handcrafted in small batches using only the highest quality materials. Featuring camel suede, rubber lug outsoles, and a fully-lined glove leather interior for comfort, the Statesman is an effortlessly versatile shoe built for men who feel at home in the country and the capitol. Buy now at: $180.

This HH Suede, full moccasin construction blucher envelops your feet in unrivaled comfort. Stellar handsewn and small batch craftsmanship finished with a red brick camp sole, antique brass lacquered eyelets that won’t rust, sumptuous tan glove-leather lining, and hand-cut “pinking” detail along the collar. American-made by the experts at Quoddy, 100+ years old and still going strong. Buy now at: $194.

This is a high-quality shoe with a lace loop that is worn through and feels more modern. It can be used with jeans of any color, or it can be worn with a suit without shoe polish. The durable rubber outsole gives you the extra grip you need on all surfaces. Buy now at $164.4.